that don't require code!

Stylish Website Templates for Interior Designers and Creative Business Owners 

Easy-To-Edit and Completely Customizable Templates That Will Attract Your Ideal Client

made for creatives who appreciate design and details

With a need for intentionally designed and customizable website templates made for interior designers and creatives. Together, Haven and Saffron Avenue joined forces to bring them to the industry.

Saffron Avenue designs unique, customizable and creative website templates dedicated to entrepreneurs who want to create an online home that reflects their own brand style and showcases their talent. 

Meet Angela, Founder of Saffron Avenue

a creative collaboration

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Once you hit PUBLISH after requesting domain and blog setup you are ready to launch in 24-72 hours! Time to celebrate and sip the bubbly!

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Request your domain setup by providing Showit with your domain login and requesting a blog (if you choose). They handle the rest!

No. 04

Use my VIDEO TUTORIALS to swap out any colors, replace any fonts, and add in your own beautiful images and creative content!

No. 03

Sign into your own Showit Account (Free Trial Available) and pop in your SHARE KEY CODE from your download folder.

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And after you purchase and checkout you'll receive a digital download folder that has a key code with a PDF and video nstructions.

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Launch Your Site!

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PLUs access to THE

That includes over 20+ tutorials that walk you through the template you chose!

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how it works for you

what is showit?

why you may need it

Showit is an online Drag-and-Drop website builder that doesn't require any code and is EASY  to edit on your own!

how it works for you

what is showit?

why you may need it

+  Easily change colors, fonts, images, and re-arrange layout (without code)

+  also Uses the seo friendly Wordpress platform for blogging & plugins

+  Over 20+ video tutorial library to guide you through customizing

+  Online chat support and a facebook group for extra help

+ A website content planner & social media templates to be completely cohesive

how it works for you

what is showit?

why you may need it

If you feel...

A majority of stylish website templates all look the same.

No. 05

You are lost on how to create content for a new website that will bring clients

No. 04

You are a new business and don’t have a budget to hire a designer or developer

No. 03

Your site is not converting or attracting your ideal client or customer

No. 02

Your site doesn’t reflect your business or brand and doesn't showcase your talent

No. 01

Your website and social media pages are not cohesive and not 'on-brand'

No. 06

The site & design is built for Showit5 HERE with a Wordpress Blog Integration. That means the entire design and website pages are created on showit (even the blog design), but the actual blog posts are done through Wordpress (You'll have 2 login). Showit takes care of the hosting for you, but your domain and emails will need to be purchased elsewhere, and I recommend Gsuite or Hover.


What platform are the templates on?

Yes! That's why I love it because it uses the Wordpress platform for the blog. The only thing that changes is your actual website pages (which will now be hosted on Showit). P.S. I even include the option to use Wordpress pages if you need to password protect a page.


I have a Wordpress blog, can I use Showit?

You sure can, and Showit will help you out  SEE HERE! - Just note that some blog post styling and images may need to be edited/fixed after the transfer. We recommend that you also double-check your permalinks to make sure they maintain after transfer. AKA: if you have you will need to make sure Showit is aware that you'll need to maintain that permalink. 


Can I transfer my site from Squarespace?

Yes and No.  With your purchase you will receive shop template pages and various video tutorials on setting it up. These templates will match your design and will use 3rd party carts, like Shopify, SendOwl, Paypal. This means you will need to host your products on a 3rd party site and simply embed the 'buy button' code into your Showit shop pages.  We recommend that you don't exceed 30 products (for your own sanity and backend organization ;) 


Can I have a SHOP on Showit? 

They are! I even created a couple blog posts HERE & HERE on how to make sure your new site is SEO ready. - Keep in mind, anytime you create a new site, change a domain, change site servers, change content on a page, or add new page your SEO might drop. That is because Google will need to 're-crawl' everything over again. This can take up to 6 months. But, if you follow the tutorials and take time to optimize your site you will see it grow faster.


Will my new site be SEO Friendly?

Showit Monthly/Yearly Pricing is HERE. If you have a blog you would get tier 2 or 3 (3 if you want custom plugins and transfer various posts). You also need a domain (about $15 a year) recommend Google, especially if you want to host your emails on Gsuite too! Then the one-time cost of a template design! - P.S. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.


How much should I expect to pay for everything?

If my schedule allows I definitely can! Just reach out to Angela HERE to inquire. Customizations for the homepage, blog and design implementation start at $1500 and can be seen HERE under 'Showit Template Customization'. If you need help simply setting up your site (add your fonts, favicon, logo, fonts, and add your domain you can hire me hourly at $125/hr. This usually takes me about 1-2 hours total. 


Can you help me customize my template?

You can do a few things! You can reference my Help site (full of video tutorials made for your template design).  You can send an instant Chat message to Showit (from within your website). You can reach out to the user group HERE with questions (who are always super helpful!  You can view support docs HERE for help. You can send them an email HERE.  If you still need help I am available at my hourly rate as One-on-One support is not Included


What if I have issues with my site?

Friend, it's super easy! You can even watch a little video HERE to see how you can customize one of my templates! P.S. With your purchase you receive very detailed tutorials and videos on to edit your own template (I create tutorials for each design to make it even easier on you to follow). 


How customizable is Showit, really?

Highly encouraged! Showit uses Google fonts, but also allows you to upload a custom font (if you have the license for it). Not only that, but you can change out up to 8 colors on your site. Take a LOOK HERE at my blog post for what I recommend! P.S. Images are super easy to just double-click and replace ;)


Can I use my own fonts, colors, and images?